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5th Annual Pilates Round Table Summit Draws Top U.S. Professionals to PBG

Jun 14, 2013 - Jun 16, 2013


Fitness Industry Leaders to Receive Education and Share Best Practices at Palm Beach Gardens Event

Pilates instructors from across the U.S. will be in Palm Beach Gardens for the 5th Annual Pilates Round Table (PRT) Summit.  This national event takes place June 14-16 at the Double Tree Hotel at 4431 PGA Boulevard, and all Pilates teachers are encouraged to attend.  Pilates has rapidly exploded to the forefront of exercise techniques, as Hollywood stars and top athletes use Pilates to reach peak fitness and performance levels, and rehab from injuries.  This surge in popularity has increased the demand for Pilates instructors.   The PRT Summit is designed to bring together the diverse expertise, skills and philosophies of the most respected instructors, enhancing the quality of their teachings and stressing the importance of safety within the industry. 

The Pilates method of exercise is very in-depth and influential on the body’s posture, and has always been based on “quality over quantity”.   This makes it critical for students to be sure their training and therapies are supervised by certified professionals.   Instructors at the PRT Summit will be educated by highly certified experts, and the intensive sessions will include training on Redcord, a suspension-based functional exercise training system that is uniquely designed to utilize your body weight as resistance.  Redcord is catching fire across the nation because of its unique ability to isolate a muscle in a non-invasive manner, and allow the body’s neuromuscular system to activate dormant core muscles and correct muscle imbalances caused by trauma, pain, overuse and inactivity. Redcord gets fast results in performance enhancement, injury prevention and pain reduction.  Ten minute workouts three times a week is all that is needed to achieve results through the Redcord system.

“Pilates exercises are effective and useful for therapists, ordinary people or world class athletes,” said Bernie Nelson, PRT Summit organizer and owner of Body & Core Pilates in Palm Beach Gardens.  “Our mission is to bring quality back to the fitness industry.   Proper education is critical to ensure clients can reach their goals and truly benefit from Pilates.  Training without guidance from a certified instructor can do more harm than good and result in long-term injury.”

For more information on the 5th Annual Pilates Round Table Summit, being held June 14-16 at the Double Tree Hotel in Palm Beach Gardens, please visit www.prtsummit.net or call 561-775-8416.


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